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Every week on the pm73media, Matt Stephenson interviews leading authorities in the security industry to gain an expert perspective on topics including risk, control friction, compliance, and building a culture of security. Each episode provides relevant insights for security practitioners and business leaders working to improve their organization’s security posture and bottom line.

Jan 25, 2021


Ludicrously simple


“It's just a straight sequence, which is mind-numbing to me… This is like a Computer Science 101 bad homework assignment, the kind of stuff that you would do when you're first learning how web servers work. I wouldn't even call it a rookie mistake because, as a professional, you would never write something like...

Jan 14, 2021

Always Be Closing



"A", always

"B", be

"C", closing


Always be closing.

 -- Blake; GlenGarry GlenRoss, David Mamet, 1992


Now we are taking some liberties there with that bit… but apply that philosophy to secure code development… now swap in Integrating or Developing for Closing…



"A", always.